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9:38am 03-30-2011
LC Phillips
Allah'ul'Abha, What a lovely website. Was surfing around looking for information about the Baha'i Faith where I live in Mississippi and found you. What a great surprise. Maybe someday we will meet, if not in this world, then the next.
Replied on: 8:02am 04-24-2011

Well, Phillips. I'm happy you enjoyed the site. Definitely, we will meet somewhere some day. The Baha'i World is small. Happy Ridvan!

8:57pm 10-10-2010
Hi, your site is cute
3:19pm 05-17-2010
Ivy & Fari Rameshfar
Dear friends,
Sending you our love and greetings. Having a web page to share the teachings of Baha'u'llah is most praiseworthy. Hope to meet you one day.
Ivy and Fari
Replied on: 8:03am 04-24-2011

Dear Ivy and Fari
Surely, we'll meet one day. With loving greetings and Happy Ridvan!

2:08am 04-09-2010
Derek Patton
Dear Anil,So nice to meet you at the Feast in Melbourne's suburb Boroondara and talk about language and creating a world civilization. Welcome to my Facebook at Derek W Patton. You have a lovely family and I hope to meet you more often and in India.
Replied on: 2:32pm 04-23-2010

Dear Derek

Just reached home and saw your beautiful message. I will get back to you in a few days time. I did mention to my dear friend Michael of the interest in deep study of the Faith that you have. I like the idea of a joint venture for writing a book across the borders -- let the East and the West meet thus!

6:07pm 08-02-2009
mohd. saquib usmani
dear mr. anil
i came to know about u n ur work first time n honestly i like the spirit. can u tell me what was the first thought which provoked to think for bahai and bahaullah? it is very important quaestion if u understand. i want to know more about u. as far as concern of mine i m thinker, phylosopher and visioner. i m moving towards a destination through a journey which is very amusing and my path is clear up to some extent and also i got one companion who is a medium to enlighten the path. everything is going on due to HIS wish and i know HE wants me to reach there where some people has reached. who will believe i dont care just MY ALLAH is taking away by holding my finger slowly slowly like a father.
bahaullah has given a great vision and reason to this world and now enough message to stay in peace and harmony. let us do our work and let us do their part.
remember me as ur appreciator only.
10:02am 03-24-2009
Harmeet Singh
Oh thats lovey to see and learn about your Family........ Please do a needful in adding few more pages on to your main subject of Sikhism and Bahai Faith..... Really that would boost the entire Sikh Community.

8:48pm 12-12-2008
prof. Luigi Zuffada
Dear Professor, Allah'u'Abha! I am an Italian Baha'i, and I am going to write an article on a Baha'i newspaper about "Aurobindo and the Baha'i Faith" you have written on line. May I have some news about you ant you r academic titles to put in the article?
Thanks a lot and Baha'i greetings
Luigi Zuffada
Replied on: 1:23pm 08-04-2009

Dear Baha'i Friend

I am so sorry I did not reply earlier. The reason being I did not see your message before.

Well, I teach English Language and Linguistics at the graduate and post-graduate level here in Chandigarh (India). I have written more than 100 articles in the national newspapers in India, some research articles on teaching and the 'Developmental Approach to Teaching' which is my understanding about teaching and learning. I have written two books, Miracles in Religion and Reflections ( A collection of my poems). I have been to some 25 countries on socio-religous, literary lecture tours and research paper presentations.

Do let me know if can do anything more and do let me have a copy of your article please.

Regards and loving Baha'i greetings,

Anil Sarwal

1:03pm 08-01-2008
I am looking at your information about English, and about Hinduism. Thanks for your efforts! And thanks for the wonderful memories of our visit ...
9:25pm 05-15-2008
The newly uploaded audio content on Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith is superb. What a treat you have given to the visitors!

My heartiest congratulations and thanks.
9:20am 12-12-2007
Stephen Claire
It is one of the nicest sites on comparative religion and the importance of prayers and meditations. Good information on Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith, along with other religions.

Congratulations for maintaining such a wonderful website.